Bill Cross
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New home inventory.  This will just be a sampling of what's available.  For specific areas please contact me for more information.

New homes are a very real option in North Texas. Whether you’re looking for that perfect suburban estate for your growing family or a townhome within bicycling distance of your favorite downtown haunts, Dallas and it’s neighbors have the brand new construction to fit your needs. There are some great benefits to brand new beyond that brand new car smell.

A) The newer the home the more energy efficient they are. Some builders are even offering guarantees on their 4000+ square footage homes that you’ll never see an electric bill over $200 in a single month. That can mean significant savings on your energy bills day in and day out. Some builders have even begun offering solar panels!
B) Smart home features. The newer the home, the more smart home enhancements become available. Things like fully programmable internet connected thermostats that learn your daily schedule and behavior. Cat 6 wiring for a fully networked home. Space saving tankless water heaters that you can control with your phone. Networked and smart phone controllable lighting.
C) Warranties. Builders typically offer at a minimum a one year fit and finish warranty plus a ten year structural and foundation warranty. Though as your Realtor I will strive to negotiate a one year home warranty on any home you purchase, its coverage is limited and still requires some out of pocket from the homeowner should anything need repair. With builder warranties, you call, they fix, period. Plus all of your appliances are brand new and they have their own warranties.
These are just a few of the benefits you can expect from North Texas builders. If a brand new home is in your future, put my nearly 20 years of experience with builders to work for you. I’ll be glad to recommend the best builders to fit your specific needs.  We can even get you into brand new homes in some areas with no money down and little or no closing costs.  I will continue to post lists of available inventory homes from different builders in the area right here.  If you are looking in a specific area, reach out to me for inventory available in that area.  From Roanoke to Rockwall, Midlothian to McKinney, Fort Worth to Forney, I know the builders.